Sweat Before Six was built for the break-of-dawn bad asses and the wake-and-workout warriors. For the rise and grinders and the early morning meatheads. For you, for me, for everyone who likes to get after it while the rest of the world sleeps.

It was founded by Jonathan Finkel, a former writer for pretty much every men's magazine and fitness magazine on the planet: Men's Health, Mens' Fitness, Muscle & Fitness, Muscle & Performance, Flex, GQ, M&F Hers, AskMen.com and so many more.

He is also the author of many books, including Jocks In Chief, Forces of Character with 3x Super Bowl Champion and Fighter Pilot Chad Hennings, Heart Over Height with 3x NBA Dunk Champion Nate Robinson, and The Dadvantage which was endorsed by AC Slater himself and many more... You can learn more about his books at www.jonfinkel.com.



Why I Started Sweat Before Six

Sleep is amazing. Free time is phenomenal. But if you have a significant other, a side job, two side jobs, ambition, friends, family, kids, housework, work work, homework and every other kind of work, they all seem to get in the way of the one kind of work you actually enjoy: working out.

Not anymore. After years of one-on-one combat with normal waking hours to find a stress-free, enjoyable amount of time to workout, I realized that I was always going to lose.

Want to workout at lunch? A meeting gets pushed back. Or a call gets scheduled early. Or both.

Want to workout at night? The day never cooperates. Plus you want to spend time with your kids (mine are 3 and 5) or your spouse or you have work or you hit traffic on the way home or work sucked and you just want to relax with Netflix or a book or anything at all that doesn't resemble lacing up your Jordan's and exercising.

Want to workout right before work? You're always running late. You're always forgetting your towel. Your boss needs you in early. The kids forgot their water shoes for splash day so you have to go back... And on and on...

But what about 5am?

Who the hell in their right mind would need someone at 5am? Exactly.

5am is the dead zone. The time when nobody would ever ask you to do anything because even the most imposing boss or sleepless kids are asleep at 5am. And the truth is, they're not wrong. 5am is ungodly early... It's dark. Half the year it's cold. With the wrong mindset, it's miserable.

But it's also empty. And quiet. And interruption free. 

Which means it's yours for the taking.

And you're not alone.

Too many legends to count have used the witching hours to work their fast-twitch muscles. 

For 80+ years fitness pioneer Jack LaLanne woke up at 5am to exercise.

The Rock routinely gets up before 5am to workout. So does legendary Navy S.E.A.L. Jocko Willink. Wolverine himself, Hugh Jackman, is a fan of the 5am gym time. Half the Masters Swimmers on earth hit the pool at 5:30am. So do most hockey players.

Join them. Join me. Start sweating before six.

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